Why I Won’t Be Heading Out to the Stores This Black Friday


line shoppingImage courtesy of renjith krishnan/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I know that sounds contrary to the deal-hunting bargainista in me, but the truth is that I prefer to shop online rather than deal with all the crowds on Black Friday. Plus, with so many good deals online, I may even get done before Black Friday is even here!

Reasons to Shop Online this Black Friday

1.  I skip the arm-slugging, running, pushing, and fighting that can occur in the stores on Black Friday. Yes, it is true, this may mean that I’m missing “the experience”, but for me, finding the best low prices and deals is really what shopping Black Friday is about – not the workout. I’ll save that for the gym.

2. Many sales begin early online. While some stores may open their doors on Thanksgiving, the online section of that store has usually already been open since the clock struck midnight – and maybe even earlier. If you have your heart on a certain deal, I would check the price online before heading out to see if you can get it now.

3. Shopping online gives me more selection. Online stores carry much more merchandise than the local store, so if there is a rock-bottom price, you may have a better chance getting it online. A fair warning here, though, is that online sales can sell out quickly, so I recommend going to the site as soon as the sale begins. Good news for Arizonians is that since we are currently aligned with PST, sales that start at midnight EST, really begin at 10pm for us!

4. I can use coupon codes to save on already low prices and/or get free shipping. I’ll be honest and say that I really don’t like to pay for shipping, so I only shop deals where I can get free shipping. Good news is that Amazon has free shipping with Amazon Prime or if you have at least a $25 purchase, so around the holidays, it is easy to get low prices shipped straight to your door.

Tip: If you are looking for coupon codes, check out Savings.com or RetailMeNot.com.

5. I can get cash back.  You’ll be able to get anywhere from 2% – 20% cash back and your favorite retailers. Plus, sites like Ebates will have holiday promotions to get even more cash back than usual. Have fun shopping and know that some of that spending will come right back to your wallet.


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