Mommy SOS | We Are in a Breakfast Rut!


I am calling out to all of the fabulous moms who read Scottsdale Moms Blog for some serious morning help! We are only about a month into school and I already feel stumped on what to make the kids for breakfast each morning.  I normally feed the kids some sort of carb (cereal, toaster waffles, maybe cinnamon toast, and occasionally oatmeal), and then I try to add some fresh fruit to provide a semi-balanced breakfast.  This is all while trying to get backpacks packed, everyone dressed, three girls’ hair done, and maybe even brush my own hair. I said maybe . . .

I am so bored with these choices, and the kids are even looking to me at breakfast time for some sort of variety. My rules for breakfast are that I only “cook” breakfast, like eggs, pancakes, etc., on the weekends. I refuse to buy the sugar cereals; this is probably why my kids are not that excited on cereal days. I can’t bring myself to give them that much sugar and then send them off to school. Also, I don’t normally eat breakfast myself, unless you count three cups of coffee with milk as breakfast.

I am open to any suggestions! What do your kids eat? Anyone have a great recipe I can make ahead on the weekends to easily fix on weekday mornings? Please help me by commenting below!! 


  1. 1. yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and toast or an english muffin
    2. pre-made hard boiled eggs… I like to slice them on an english muffin and toast them in the
    microwave oven with cheese
    3. microwavable turkey bacon adds a litte protein to breakfast meals easily too

  2. Crockpot oatmeal!!! Way healthier than boxed cereal and literally 5 min prep before u go to bed. You wake up to yummy smells and hot quick brekkie 🙂 i am sure there are egg dishes too for the crockpot overnight but havent tried any.

  3. We eat plain yogurt with fruit and granola and honey almost every weekday morning. Just as fast as cereal, and much more nutritious!

    I also do steel cut oats with fruit – but you have to soak that overnight.

    What about hard boiled eggs, would your kids eat those for breakfast? Lots of protein and fat for their brains!

    And when all else fails, I sometimes do leftovers for breakfast. It’s a great way to get veggies into the kids first thing and there’s usually quite a bit of protein, too.

  4. Yogurt is great, Nutri-Grain bars, and my kids LOVE pumpkin bread (which lasts a few days), and also this great banana crumb muffin recipe I found. Quick and Easy. Oh, and my kids also love the Krusteaz French Toast Sticks (frozen).

  5. This may sound dumb but I started a ‘breakfast schedule’ this year and it’s changed my life. My daughter is only in school Monday, Wednesday and Friday but on Monday’s we do smoothies (I add in oatmeal to make sure it’s super filling), Wednesday’s we do waffles or pancakes (I buy frozen waffles and Pre-make my pancakes and freeze them so they are super quick to make in the morning) and Fridays some kind of baked something that I make the night before (like blueberry muffins, banana bread, etc) On non-school days they get cereal 🙂 It’s so nice to know exactly what my kids are going to have in the morning and I don’t waste time trying to think of something or arguing with my daughters about what to have 🙂

  6. Thank you everyone for your great suggestions. I am going to give these a try and maybe there will even be another follow-up post in my future!! Thanks again for the comments! I loved reading all of them!!


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