The Belly Diaries | 24 weeks {and a diaper bag for Mother’s Day}



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Well, I’ll officially be six months pregnant on Mother’s Day. Even though I’ve been feeling just plain awful lately (heartburn and nausea abound), making a human really is a gift. I marvel at myself all the time, just the fact that I don’t even have to think about it and this little person inside of me is growing organs and hair and fingernails. It is worth any physical discomfort. He is worth it.

Speaking of Mother’s Day and gifts, I’ve been enjoying mine early this year. My dear, sweet husband has endured my geeking all over him for the past year about all things Petunia Pickle Bottom (are you familiar?) and finally indulged my fantasies by giving me my ultimate dream bag. This sucker has nine pockets, folks, and room enough for two, three, maybe even nine kids’ worth of stuff. Thanks be to Little Artika at the Biltmore – they were the only PPB carrier in town that had this print, my favorite print. Am I a real mom now that I have a real diaper bag? I feel real-er.

Oh, that? That’s my son. My sun. He is quite literally the love of my life. My best bud. We go up and down the aisles of Target discussing storage bins and their various qualities or how to get the most Oreo bang for our buck (Double Stuf!). I can take him anywhere — he is the most pleasant kid. And I’m going to miss these times of ours. These one-on-ones. I love giving Elliot all of my attention. I may not be ready to share it. But I will adapt and learn how and give grace to myself and both of these boys. I know I’ll love Oscar with all my heart, just as I do Elliot, though it’s very hard for me to imagine enjoying anyone as much as I do my firstborn.

Tell me, how did you adjust when your only became your first? Did you struggle, or did you think you would struggle and you actually didn’t struggle?

Thanks, mamas. Have an extra glass of wine for me on Sunday.



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