Ideas for End of School Year Teacher Gifts


The end of the school year is right around the corner (small tear rolls down my cheek), and it is about time that I start planning for my children’s teacher gifts. These are my suggestions for great teacher gifts, beyond another coffee cup or apple-shaped whatever.

I love going to local shops and picking up fun, delicious gifts. I know if I was a teacher, this is what I would want to receive. Here are three great places around the Valley where you can just stop in and grab a small, but pretty gift. (These also work great for housewarming gifts when you don’t want to bring another bottle of wine.)

1)      GoodyTwos Toffee Company

2)      Yuri’s Popcorn

3)      Nothing Bundt Cake

Another easy idea is giving a gift card to some place teachers can use during summer break. Almost anyone would like a gift card to 1) Target, 2) Movie theater tickets or 3) A local restaurant. If you have several teachers to buy for (me raising my hand), hit up Costco for one of their packs of gift cards and get a bit of a deal too.

Also, getting something personalized such as monogramed paper or notecards is something everyone needs but rarely buys for themselves. There are a lot of places online where you can get this done, and they always have promotional coupons.

I think any teacher would be thrilled with one of these ideas. Pair it with a homemade card or picture from your child, and you are all set for the last week of school.

Where did this year go? Is anyone else in shock that another school year is coming to an end? Please share your ideas for teacher gifts and post in the comment section below!

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  1. My son is just finishing preschool, and these are great ideas for his two teachers! I did Starbucks cards for Christmas but I think a lot of people do those…I always want to do a unique gift. I like shopping local, too! If you need a lot of gifts, I try to go small, local, but still functional – I visited Global Home on Indian School Rd for candles. I am a table leader for my Mops group and wanted to get the gals (7) at my table a small end-of-the-year gift. They have hand-made candles and these sweet little sampler packs of 6 small candles for $3/each!

    I also think you can’t go wrong with candy – ever! Cerrata Candy is another great local option.

  2. Thanks Rachel! Those are great ideas that we can all use. I have never been to Global Home. I will have to check it out.

  3. i’m only a student, but i do want to do something for my teacher. So i’m scouring the web for an idea. She really did touch my life this year. Oh so much. So I want to give her something to show. But so far, no luck. But these are some good ideas.

  4. After having been married to an elementary school teacher for over 27 years my research suggests the following.

    1. Personalize it – guess what shows up every year on the xmas tree – a windsurfer ornament with our last name- a hobby of our family. Consider going to it is a service where people do crazy things for just $5 many would make ideal gifts. Things like signs, songs, monograms, video’s. I have personally purchased a number of items and they seem to come from india and china and are of very high quality.

    2. Gift Card for Kohls or Best Buy – remember Fathers Day is around the Corner and teacher will be buying birthday gifts all summer.

    3. Pass along a kind word. Today with social networking, let the teacher know you appreciated and valued her.

    Moving on…. my son has a swim blog (he teaches lessons and Lifeguards in Phoenix) and I wrote this original story about Swimming and how it changed my family. In particular how it changed my daughters life when her birthday party was cancelled. You can find it at

    It is a fun story for Mom’s – pass it along and keep my college record holder son in mind for swim lessons and lifeguarding in Scottsdale and Phoenix. He is at


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