Keep Relatives Close


The dusty boxes were pulled from the attic this last weekend.  The family treasures were pulled out with care and smiles.  The girls had tolerated Halloween and hurried through Thanksgiving.  They had counted the seconds until we said it was time.  Time for the tree, time for hot cocoa, time for advent, time for gingerbread and time for decorating.  One of their favorite things is a story of Christmas read by my Mom.  I am sure you have seen the recordable books, but I don’t know if just seeing them would have convinced me to buy one.  Seeing my girls giggle at Grandma reading them a bedtime story without being there, certainly will.  It is so dear.

There is an ache during this season to be near those that are miles away, especially for the many transplants to our great city.  I love that they can hear Grandma’s voice even if she isn’t available to chat at the moment.  They can also have a story read to them 100x if they choose while I attend to the baby or make dinner.

Another fun way to keep family close is to give your child and your relative the same set of classic books for Christmas.  Then make use of technology.  Jump on skype or Facetime or the like.  Grandma can then read a bed time story live to your little one, each having their own book to  hold.  As your child grows, pick easy readers and have your child practice reading to her Auntie or cousin.  There is something unique and connecting about sharing excellent literature with a child.  If you’d like something unique, pick stories that will remind your children of or teach them about “back home.”  Or maybe share a piece of the southwest with your loved ones.  Try 3 Little Javelinas by Lowell or G is for Grand Canyon by Gowan.  Just a few ways to make the distance just a little bit shorter this holiday season.

Will you see loved ones this year?  If not, do you have other ideas to share to keep connected across the miles?