Steph vs Joy | Shopping with Children (Part II – Steph)


Oh my my my!  Ladies – Joy and I couldn’t be MORE different when it comes to our thoughts on shopping with children.

Honestly after reading through her post this morning, I almost choked on my coffee when reading the following sentences (and I quote – no joking here)

one of my very favorite things to do on a quiet afternoon when not much else is going on is to go shopping as a family.  Just yesterday me, the hubs and babes loaded up the car to head to Whole Foods to grab some items and I found myself thrilled at the prospect of me and the kids wandering around the store selecting our goodies to bring home.

I couldn’t believe what I read…. Thrilled?  Favorite things?  Shopping as a family? WHAT??!!!!

First, let’s back up a bit…

I love my family.  I love my husband with all of my heart and my little girls are the most precious things in my life.  And in all honesty, I love shopping.  So, one would think that if you combine all of those items together it would be a blissful experience – like how Joy described her recent Whole Foods shopping trip – right?!

No Way Jose!

Now our family certainly does do the occasional Fresh & Easy or Target run together… all 4 of us. Like one big happy family. But would I call it one of my favorites things to do?  Nah.  Far from it.

In the spirit of keeping our posts synergistic I thought I’d leave you with a top 5 list (just like Joy).  But instead this is my  Top 5 Mommy Shopping Confessions 🙂

Steph’s Top 5 Mommy {Shopping} Confessions

  1. We are that couple that at the end of a date night if we have some time left over, we’ll run by the grocery store or by Target just b/c it’s easier to do it w/o children.
  2. Although we do our weekly grocery shopping as a family (I know?!) I ALWAYS look forward to the occasional trip to the grocery store by my lonesome.
  3. When I do get a chance to shop alone I may or may not treat myself to a Starbucks coffee for 2 reasons.  1) I need the caffeine  – I’m a mom. and 2) It adds just a little more “me” time to the outing.
  4. In the same respect, I may or may not pull into our parking spot after said shopping trip and sit for 5-10 minutes just to enjoy a little more R&R.
  5. Alright – I’ll say it – I don’t like shopping with my children!  That can make the confession list, right?!

For more thoughts about shopping alone be sure to check out one of my very favorite SMB posts : Candid Motherhood : Walmart at Midnight (WARNING:  It’s hilarious)

What about you?  Do you enjoy family shopping trips (like Joy) or do you prefer to do your shopping on your own?



  1. haha! Steph this made me giggle. I drove past two other grocery stores last night to get to a Fry’s that had the child care center (it’s my new alternative to the midnight Wal-Mart trip). It was bliss. I LOVE time with my kids. But grocery shopping is not one of them. I always end up being THAT mom with THOSE kids, forget half of what’s on the list and take home like 10 other things I never meant to get. I seriously can’t think with 3 toddlers in tow. Joy…you are a saint :). It is fun when I can just take one of them though…a little mommy date of sorts. Love how you two celebrate each other’s differences. xoxo

    • Erin, I can’t imagine shopping with THREE todders… one is tough enough! I might just opt to pay Safeway to deliver my groceries rather than bringing 3 Reagans with me… that would be impossible and I’m sure that someone would get hurt! As Elliot get’s older, I may have to opt for the in-store child care! Thanks Erin!

      • Joy you crack me up. I have a friend that does do the Safeway delivery and raves about it! Also, just so you know, I love how you patiently guide and teach Reagan. I’ve seen you do it a multiple occasions and it’s a great encouragement to me!

        • E (and Steph!) – I am so with you! Actually, I usually settle for taking one child with me…and it’s surprisingly, usually the toddler! You would think it would be the 6 year old, after all, shopping should get easier as they get older right? Not in my house! She is sooo not a shopper! All I hear is “are we done yet” or “can I get this”…every other second!

          For some reason, my mellow little Sophia just loves being in a cart and out of the house. I think she’s spent way too much time couped up! Plus, we do much of what Joy does and it keeps her entertained. Lesson learned tho – never give the 2-yr old the shopping list, unless you don’t need it.

          And my mommy confession?? I have a part time nanny two mornings a week so I often shop alone! Yep. Call me spoiled. Don’t I deserve to be just a little break after #4?!?


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