The Dailey Method, A Hard Core Review


When the opportunity to take a class at The Dailey Method and blog about it came up, I literally jumped. One of my close friends had raved about this place for nearly a year and I knew I had to give it a try.  I was all set to call a friend or hire a babysitter when I found out they offered childcare at The Dailey Method. I can’t tell you what a relief that was for me. One less thing to plan.

Well, the kid obstacle was removed and there was only one hurdle left that stood between me and the hard body that I had been dreaming of:  the fact that I am severely out of shape.  The Dailey Method is famous for the long lean muscles that it produces in women.  In fact, In Style Magazine just listed as one of the top 10 ways to get your body in shape for summer (…no other exercise was mentioned on that list.) They really are famous for their results, which completely intimidated me.  I immediately started having Jillian Michael’s nightmares.

When I arrived for my first class I was welcomed into the clean, simple, and zen-like studio.  (Located conveniently across from the Railroad Park in case you have a need for a post-work out train ride.)  Linda, the owner, set my mind at ease with with a positive energy and great smile (…not to mention her very non-jiggly and quite buff biceps…I’m just sayin’.)

Jack walked right into the brightly decorated, fun, childcare room with no hesitation.

And I walked in to get my butt kicked, er, I mean, start the class. It took only a few minutes for me to realize that 3 pregnancies and 10 years of mommyhood had literally left me with no core muscles.

And The Dailey Method is hard core. Literally.

Their philosophy is to transform your body from the inside out- and that starts with the core.  Somehow we get it backwards. We get so wrapped up with the outward appearance, that we rub creams to remove cellulite, squeeze into our Spanx, and forget that strength and beauty come from within. The Dailey Method is built on this truth.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was that there were no boot camp instructors there to blow their whistle and yell at my shaking legs.  While the instructors there definitely take their role seriously, there is a gentle “sensei” like quality about them.  They truly are there to help each person achieve their goals.  Instead of feeling like a beginner idiot, I felt empowered and inspired.

It was a great mix of core conditioning, stretching, and ballet barre work.  Sometimes the movements were so small that I wondered how they could be effective…then my quivering muscles reminded me.  I pushed hard, but it was fun.  At the end of the hour I felt calm, tired, but strong.

As moms so much of our life is spent working on the outside, taking care of our homes, our kids, our families….  The Dailey Method gets that and starts from the core and works the inside, out.   A concept that I believe has more than just physical health benefits for us moms. And you can start no matter what kind of condition you’re in now. It’s even safe and very effective for pregnant moms too!

Right now The Dailey Method Scottsdale is offering moms a huge incentive to jump right in.  New clients will receive a month of unlimited classes for $100.  There are over 30 classes a week to choose from, so you can work around nap times and play dates.  And for the rest of June SMB Mom’s will receive free childcare.   In just a few weeks you could be longer, leaner, and more fit. 

Sounds good to me!


Noelle Larson is a mom still searching to find the “balance” between her spiritual journey, family, ambition, inner peace, world peace…all while trying not to blink so she doesn’t miss one minute of her beautiful, messy life.  Noelle writes at where she journals her crazy days chasing after her kids and husband, deep thoughts, and captures her latest adventures.



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