Adventures in Weaning


Almost two weeks ago, I told you aboutmy decision to start weaning my daughter onto formula from breast milk.  Well, my darlings, here’s the update:

First of all, Reagan LOVES her bottle!  When I start making it she makes this excited little huffing sound and rocks her body and kicks her feet.  It’s pretty cute.  Then she’ll suck down the formula in no time… which was a little bit confusing – because I wasn’t sure how much to give her at first.  Formula fills their little bellies up more than breast milk.  So, she was actually getting too full on the formula and not eating enough solid food.  Boo…

So, I started experimenting with feeding her real food first and then following up with a bottle… which is when I gave her something that she was allergic to!  I am a fool!  A fool I say!  I should have waited until she was completely weaned instead of introducing something new!  Grrrrrr

So, now she is recovering from her allergic reaction by having loose poo… and it’s messy – as I’m sure you gathered by my use of the word “loose.”

I called my pediatrician – she recommended Pedialyte for 24 hours and no dairy – which didn’t help.  So, I started nursing her once a day again to try and reestablish my supply to help her through this little tummy trouble.  (Which actually doesn’t seem to be helping either…) Everything I’ve read (via Dr. Google) says that I can expect her to be fully recovered in about 2-3 weeks!  So, I’ll fumble along until she recovers from her spell.


For all you nursing mamma’s there are great local resources just for us:

Mother’s Milk Boutique

Breastfeeding Classes at Scottsdale Healthcare


  1. Thank you so much Stacey! Cross your fingers b/c we are heading to see Grandma and nobody wants a sad little bum when there are hugs and cuddles to catch up on!

  2. Oh man, this is ROUGH! I’m sorry! Hope she’s feeling better, and you are weaning and she is eating lots of yummy food and her diapers aren’t so scary really, really son.


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