Getting out of Arizona – Lake Tahoe


We’re back with another Getting out of Arizona post.  If you didn’t see last week’s post on Napa and Sonoma Valley be sure to click HERE.  I don’t know about you, but after this week’s temps,  I’m ready to get out of this state – boo to hot weather! 🙂

For this week’s Getting out of Arizona pick,  I just HAD to highlight my recent trip to the Lake Tahoe area.  For those who have been to Tahoe, I’m sure you agree that it is probably one of the most BEAUTIFUL areas in the US. With the bluest of blue water and the greenest of green surrounding forest, Lake Tahoe, quite simply, is breathtaking.  Located between California and Nevada, different sides of the lake tend to attract different types of visitors. The California side draws families and outdoor enthusiasts while the Nevada side attracts those looking for big name entertainment and casinos.

Many might think that Lake Tahoe is a place to visit in the winter when you can hit the slopes; however, the summer is just as amazing (and I’ve been there both in the winter and summer)! In the summer, hiking, windsurfing, golfing, fishing and swimming  are all the rage.  And let’s be honest – other than swimming not many momma’s I know are doing any of those things in this heat! With a typical July day starting in the low 40’s in the early morning and climbing to the high 70’s in the afternoon it’s hard to not go to and buy a ticket immediately.

Now for Steph’s Top Picks…

1) Visit one of the Ski Villages – During the summer months there’s no need to worry about all of the ski bunnies.  Take your family to one of the area ski villages for some great shopping and food.  Try the Village at Northstar (North Lake Tahoe) or The Heavenly Village (South Lake Tahoe).  Some of the gondolas run in the summer too – which would be fun for the kiddos.

2) Hike. This area is just too beautiful not to hike in.  Please promise me if you end up going to the Tahoe area that you’ll get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather and lush green forests.  Here’s a great list for hiking options.

3) Geocaching – I’m not sure if you remember this post about geocaching? If not, check it out for a little more detail about this fun little hobby.  Although I can’t say I did any geocaching while in Lake Tahoe, I do know people who have and just LOVED it!  Again, we’re all about encouraging you to get out of the house/hotel/resort.  There are all sorts of caches waiting to be found in this area.

So that’s it!  Another incredible place to travel to in an effort to beat the heat.  Please do consider Tahoe for your next out of town adventure – you won’t regret it.  It’s simply amazing.

Now I’ll leave you with a little video I took from my hotel window.  But before you watch it – please keep a couple things in mind. 1) I obviously took the video sideways.  I hadn’t had my coffee yet so I wasn’t thinking clearly.  2) I  REALLY needed coffee as I said that I was on South Lake Tahoe – which is incorrect – the Ritz Carlton sits near North Lake Tahoe – silly me! And 3) My voice sounds like I’m a stuffed up little boy going through puberty.  No joke.  Check it out.

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