7 Wonders of Scottsdale


Every city has characteristics that stand out and unite its citizens.  As a Scottsdale Mom, I’m sure you can relate to these 7 Wonders of Scottsdale: 

1. Cyclists everywhere – all the time – They come in all shapes, but most of them are string-beans peddling past me.  I wonder how far they are going?

2. Public Art – It’s on our overpasses and sidewalks.  You can’t go a day without seeing a sculpture randomly placed at an intersection or stamped into some concrete.

3. 2+ carat diamond rings – There must be more big diamonds in our town than most.  They are so pretty!

4. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley…  When I have family or friends visit from the East Coast, they always drool over the number of luxury cars we pass.  I certainly appreciate these fun and pricey vehicles, but I’m not as surprised by them anymore.

5. Horses – I love driving around suburban Scottsdale, suddenly to find myself surrounded by horse ranches and trails.  This is one of my favorite little pleasures.

6.  Classic Cars – I know it’s That Time of Year when I see a caravan of classic cars with white-headed drivers streaming past me on the 101. 

7. Immaculate Boulevards – Our taxes pay for beautiful roads.  There are so many beautifully landscaped boulevards with flowers and trees to enjoy.  I love chancing upon a hummingbird or two.


Next time you are driving with your kids in the car, ask them to count how many cyclists, horses or works of Public Art you pass.  Then, talk about those bright colors, pretty animals or funky art pieces.


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