A Scottsdale Treasure Hunt: Geocaching


Think of it, a secret world of hidden treasures in all the common locations you frequent: the grocery store parking lot, the flowerbed outside your gym, in the playground equipment your kids play on all the time, in some bushes along a path you didn’t even know was there.  Scottsdale is full of thousands of little geocaches just waiting for you and your kiddos to find them.

Geocaching is treasure-hunting with a GPS. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers (which can be anything from a fancy tube to a 35mm film container to a child’s toy), called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online.

What you need:
1. GPS
2. A sense of ADVENTURE
3. A garbage bag (in case you run into any litter around our city)
4. A pen (to write on the geocache log to prove you found it!)

What you do:
1. Go to www.geocaching.com
2. Find the geocache locations near your home
3. Either print off the geocaches clues and longitude/latitude coordinates or enter them into your GPS system
4. Pack some snacks for the adventure (sometimes it can take 30 minutes to locate one container)
5. Get out there and follow those clues!
**A fun alternative can be to break up into teams Guys vs. Girls or Family Feud style and see who can find the most geocache locations within an hour.  –Last one back is a rotten egg!  This can be a fun activity for a birthday party for school-age kids!

Also, check out the iPhone application for geocaching.  And, if you don’t already own a GPS system check out the guide to buying a GPS system for geocaching before you throw down your hard-earned cash. 




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