Take a Hike… on a Scottsdale Trail


One of the things that I love most about Scottsdale is that people here love the outdoors.  And to encourage that love (or as a result of it), our great city has created a wonderful maze of trails for us to enjoy.

These trails are in neighborhoods and mountain ranges and a places in between.  Today, I decided to enojoy the trail 1/4 mile from my house.  I had NoraBora and Reagaroni, so I had to be quick and nimble.  Trust me, feeding, changing and getting all the supplies for two is twice as much work 😉  So, I hauled my trusty stroller down stairs… (Ugh)

(I love you RedRocket!)

Now for the tricky part.  Which baby do I grab first and who will be left unattended?  I don’t know.  I think I just grabbed whoever was closest, strapped ’em into the stoller and ran up for the other one.  Safe?  Not sure about that either.  You tell me.


So grab your stroller (or kid-in-a-backpack) and hit the great outdoors!  Discover new places, explore the flora and fauna and stay out of those prickly pears!

Happy Trails!

BTW: This is my absolute favorite book for great (hidden) trails around Phoenix/Scottsdale/etc.  It’s called Hiking Phoenix by Cosmic Ray.  He’s pretty funny and has clever drawings and hike descriptions… some are kiddo friendly and some not-so-much.


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