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The Appliance that Changed My life

My sister turned me on to Instant Pot several years ago. She had purchased one to give away as a Christmas gift, but ended...

Soccer Mom Must-Haves

Soccer is BIG here in Scottsdale, so chances are if you have kids, you're spending time at soccer games. We love watching our kids...

What we’re talking about….{April Edition}

Hey there! Jessica and Angela here {the owners of Scottsdale Moms Blog} and we love to share all.those.things that we discover, try and end...

Thank You Thursday {November Edition}

Every month we like to say thank you to some of the businesses that provide products and services for us to try. These are November Thank yous!

Thank You Thursday {October Edition}

Welcome to our Thank You Thursday: October edition! These are some new favorite products and businesses that we are loving.

Natural Skin Care after Pregnancy

Since having our 6 1/2 month old, Sedona, in February our life has been a whirlwind! Even though it seems like yesterday that we...

SMB Favorite Things {2017}

These are SMB's favorite things for 2017! These amazing sponsors helped us spoil our contributors with gifts and giveaways and we want to share them with you too. Check out these amazing products and services.

Mom’s School Supply List

You’ve been to Target and Walmart, then went back home and filled your Amazon cart with school supplies. Backpacks bought. Pencils and pens procured....

Sunscreen Sanity Savers

Sunscreen. The most used AZ summer product and for me the most frustrating one. The bottles end up super greasy and leak all over...

Thank you Thursday {July Edition}

It's another edition of Thank you Thursday! We are sharing about some new kitchen products and an awesome new line of toddler and baby clothes.

My Infant Sleep Tips

I didn't get good sleepers. My middle child wasn't so bad, but the other two? They were refuse to close my eyes - I'm...

Thank You Thursday {April Edition}

We love to share products and businesses that we get to try here at SMB! Here is our Thank You Thursday for April.

Friday Favorite Things {Angela’s Kitchen Picks}

I LOVE sharing new finds, especially new things that make cooking and everything I do in the kitchen easier. Here are three of my new favorite kitchen...