We’re Going to Court!


My dear friend Becca is our guidance counselor at school. When I saw her post this idea on Facebook, I knew a lot of moms would benefit from this awesome twist on sibling rivalry! (Plus, I was relieved that I wasn’t the only mama facing the sibling rivalry summertime blues.)

Summertime. It’s time for indoor activities, splash pads, and lots of time together. But, with all of those wonderful activities, comes the stress of sibling rivalry.

At my house, we were literally on day one of summer when the irritation between my two daughters ensued. I told them I refused to start out our summer like this, so I was implementing a plan!

With a few groans and eye rolls, my plan unfolded. I ran to the Dollar Tree, grabbed two packages of play money, and made my way home. The girls were able to earn money by doing chores and other odd things around the house. If an argument started to stir, I would say out loud, “attorney fees!” They stopped immediately and stared at me blankly. “Anytime you both fight, I’m implementing an attorney fee. That means you pay me 40% of your earnings because we are having to go to court – which means I’m interjecting.”

Let’s just say we’re on day 5 of summer and we’ve only “gone to court” once. I call this a mom win! Happy Summer!

As a mom of five, I absolutely love Becca’s idea! What are your best sibling rivalry tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below.

Becca Lewis was raised in Texas and loves everything family! Her husband, Ian, and their two daughters reside in Texas. After being married in 2012, Becca and Ian knew that having a family might look different for them, as she was told about fertility complications. Little did they know that God had bigger plans! In December of 2013 and March of 2015 they welcomed their two daughters, Madison and Allison.
She has worked in education for 17 years; 12 years as an elementary teacher and 5 years as a Professional School Counselor. She loves working with students of her community and gaining relationships with the school community. Becca is actively pursuing her License in Professional Counseling to work with families who have endured trauma or working through family/individual trials. With a Master in Educational Leadership and Master in Guidance and Counseling, she has a lens that offers multiple perspectives.


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