Celebrating Motherhood: Three Remarkable Local Moms Making Wave in the Community


This Mother’s Day we are taking the time to shine a spotlight on the remarkable mothers
who are not only raising families but also leaving a distinct mark on our community.
From innovative entrepreneurship to compassionate advocates, these three local moms
exemplify the love and resilience that motherhood embodies.

Janell Panicko is a mother of two, wife and registered nurse whose journey led her to
create a safe haven for children and families of all abilities in Scottsdale. Faced with the
challenge of finding a safe and enriching play space for her two young children, Janell
recognized the need for a place where kids could explore and learn without limitations.
She intimately understood the challenges many families face with searching for suitable play environments for their little ones. Drawing from her background in nursing and her children’s therapy experiences, she set out to create a space tailored specifically to the developmental needs of infants to six-year-olds.

Panicko’s dedication to her vision was unwavering. Despite the many sacrifices required
when opening your own business, including spending two months away from her family
as a FEMA travel nurse to fund Jordan’s Corner, she remained committed to her vision.
Panicko is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for children to thrive. Today,
Jordan’s Corner stands as a testament to her passion for child development and her
devotion to the families of Scottsdale. Learn more about Jordan’s Corner here.

Stephanie Montgomery is a local author, apparel designer and mother of two whose
love for baseball has transcended the confines of a mere pastime. Married to professional baseball player, Mike Montgomery, her journey from a career at Google to
becoming a multifaceted creator reflects her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit. After experiencing her own journey of postpartum depression and
anxiety, Montgomery has set her focus on giving back to mothers in her community through the Max and Ollie brand.

Her passion for baseball led her to write “Max and Ollie’s Guide to Baseball,” a book
aimed at instilling a love for the sport in children. What started as a book now has
transformed into a lively baseball brand, catering to fans of all ages with themed
apparel, candles and more. Through her family fund initiative, Monty’s Marvels,
Montgomery champions maternal support and raises awareness about diaper need,
underscoring her commitment to uplifting families in need. Explore the Max and Ollie
shop here. https://maxandollie.com/

Cristina Maggiore is the epitome of a powerhouse mom, seamlessly balancing her role
as a devoted mother of three and the co-founder of The Maggiore Group. Alongside her husband, Chef Joey, Cristina has played an integral part in the success of their culinary

As the acting CFO and lead designer of The Maggiore Group, Cristina brings Chef Joey’s culinary vision to life through her innovative designs and business acumen. From running the front of the house in the early days to spearheading restaurant concepts today, Cristina’s dedication to her family and her craft shines through in every endeavor.
Discover the exciting Maggiore concepts. https://www.maggioregroup.com/

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate these incredible moms and countless others who are
shaping the fabric of our communities with their passion and unwavering dedication.
They remind us that motherhood is not just about raising children – it’s about nurturing
dreams, building bridges and leaving a legacy of love and compassion.


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