Rad Dads – Amazing Scottsdale dads


As the Valley gears up to celebrate Father’s Day, we are taking the time to shine a spotlight on some remarkable local dads who are not only passionate about their businesses, but building a legacy for their families as well. We are highlighting three extraordinary fathers who are rewriting the recipe for success in both the kitchen and beyond. 

Kurt Riske is the brand mastermind behind Level Up Projects, co-owner of Los Sombreros and father of two. A psychology graduate from Panhandle State University and former college baseball star set to play professionally in Holland, Riske’s life took an unexpected turn when an injury sidelined his athletic career. He then pivoted to embrace a new challenge–building a restaurant empire. Co-owner of a locally loved Mexican restaurant, Los Sombreros, Riske’s journey from the diamond to the dining room is both unique and inspiring. Before owning Los Sombreros, Riske honed his skills at the very restaurant he now calls his own, offering a true testament to his dedication to his restaurant and passion for the industry. 

When he is not managing the restaurants under the Level Up Projects umbrella, Riske is spending time with his family and working to better his community. Riske’s passion for helping people shines through in the partnerships he forms with local nonprofits and works closely with organizations like the Kwamie Lassiter Foundation, Arizona Myeloma Network and the Alice Cooper School of Rock. 

Joey Maggiore originally learned and developed his talent in the kitchen alongside his father, culinary legend, Tomaso Maggiore. Growing up in the heart of his father’s restaurant, Tomaso’s Italian Restaurant was established in 1977 on The Camelback Corridor and is where his culinary career was ignited, eventually leading him to the growth of his family business. Under the tutelage of his father, Maggiore honed his skills and developed a palate for perfecting dishes. Today he is not only a culinary powerhouse but also a visionary entrepreneur known as the “concept guy” of the foodie world. With over 40 restaurant openings under his belt, Maggiore’s innovative concepts have garnered national acclaim. Amidst his culinary conquests, his greatest joy comes from his role as a husband and father of three. His wife Cristina and children Giuliana, Tomaso, and Melina are the driving force behind everything he does, infusing his work with love, passion, and purpose. Working closely with his wife, Cristina, to create and curate the Maggiore concepts, each restaurant is a true testament of the Maggiore family’s passion for amazing food and hospitality.

Perry Rea is the owner and olive oil sommelier for the Queen Creek Olive Mill. This father of five oversees the growing, milling, and tasting of The Mill’s olives for extra virgin olive oil from blossom to bottle. Tucked away in Queen Creek, this olive oasis shows the dedication Rea has for his craft. Together with his wife, Brenda, Perry embarked on the mission to bring fresh, locally sourced extra virgin olive oil to the Arizona community. His expertise extends far beyond the borders of his orchard. As an olive oil sommelier, he has been trained to evaluate and select the finest oils from around the world, enriching the lives of his customers with a taste of the Mediterranean right in their own backyard. As the proud father of five children, Rea’s legacy extends far past his olive oil empire.

These are just a glimpse into the lives of these three extraordinary dads who have not only mastered their craft but are also pillars of strength and inspiration for their families and communities. These amazing stories remind us that fatherhood is about so much more than just providing; it’s about leaving a legacy of nurturing and navigating through life’s challenges.


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