Find tons of great ideas to make it through the TOO hot to go outside days, and fun backyard activities on those days when you just HAVE to brave the heat. 

Indoor Activities

Beat the Heat with a Yoga Practice at Home

Have you heard that it’s 110 degrees here in Phoenix? That’s too hot to even go swimming. What can you do inside with kiddos when it’s too hot to go outside and they have all this energy? How about some yoga?!   Yes, yoga! If you’ve ever practiced yoga yourself, you likely noticed how great it […]

Summer Reading Programs

Summer is HERE, kids are out for the summer and regular visits to the pool are in full swing. As much as we enjoy the break from the every day routine of school, the summer brain drain is a real thing (on average, students lose two months of reading skills over the summer). Last month […]

10 Easy and Fun Indoor Activities

Summer break in Scottsdale is upon us and the extremely high temperatures can make for some of the LONGEST days with little ones. Sure, there are amazing local indoor attractions offered in Scottsdale, but outings are not something I’m up for ALL of the time and my three kiddos do not bode well in the […]

My Kid Share Program (or, how I survived summer)

My friend and I were at a loss on how we were going to make it through the long summer with all of our kids (we have seven kids between the two of us). Neither of us had any childcare set up. We both enrolled in a couple of camps to break up the summer, […]

Backyard Activities

Melting Crayons with the SUN {DIY Summer Fun}

Feeling Crafty this summer?!  I have been saving small pieces of crayons for awhile with the intention of melting them into new crayons. We finally had enough pieces ready and I thought it would be a fun activity for the summer – but the thought of turning the oven on was dreadful. The house is […]

Top Summer Water Toys {preschool age}

Hello, 100 degree temperatures! Okay…..maybe not right now…..but they are coming. Easter is right around the corner as well and as soon as school is out, kiddos will be looking for lots of fun to keep busy at home. This means it’s the perfect time to invest in some new toys to keep the little […]

3 Ice Activities {to help cool you down}

Ice Excavation: Fill a plastic container with some water, ice and little toys you want the kids to “excavate,” the ice cubes will help mix things up and prevent all of the toys sinking to the bottom. Freeze overnight! Pop your ice chunk out of the container and give the kids some small squirt guns […]

Mommy Quick Tips | 5 Favorite Summer Day Activities for Around the House

Whoa – it got HOT. Every summer spring the 100+ degree days seem to sneak up on me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heat. Seriously. But when it’s beautiful 70’s in the morning with afternoon highs in the 90’s, I feel like I live in the best weather in the world. So when […]

{Local Tip: Run errands early in the morning when it is cooler & use all these ideas to keep the kids busy in the afternoon.}