Shopping for the holidays can be tough! We are here to help you find all of the gifts for everyone on your nice list!

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James Anthony Beauty Products

SMB is obsessed with all things from James Anthony Skincare. Not only is all the products fantastic, we love that this is a local company doing amazing things. We wanted you to hear directly from the founder about what makes their products so special. 

Hi, I’m Jennifer the founder and CEO of James Anthony Skincare. I have  been in the beauty industry for about 20 years now. Dealing with  rosacea, breakouts, aging and very sensitive skin my whole life I have  tried so many products. I have tried everything from so organic that you could literally eat them, which I might have done…to products with so  many chemicals that I had to get them from a dermatologist. It was like  no matter what I used I would have some kind of negative reaction and or  no real results. So I developed James Anthony Skincare. You’re probably  asking why is James Anthony so different than the millions of skin care  products on the market; well let me tell you why!

The  peptides that are used in James Anthony Skincare are like no other on  the market at this present time. They are peptides that are used in  organ transplant operations to keep the organ alive from harvest to  implantation. So just imagine if this peptide keeps organs alive what could it do for your skin?  


BFitCryo wants to make you the best version of you! With their leading technology in cryotherapy they are able to bring out your greatest beauty at sub-zero temperatures!

Uniik Pillows




Uniik Pillows is a mother daughter duo creating fun and eclectic throw pillow covers in all shapes and sizes. They specialize in unique designs and creating custom pillows to fit your décor needs. Whether you need pillows sewn from your own fabric, or a memory pillow made from a loved ones shirt or a pet pillow made, they can create a unique gift for your friends and family!

Audrey's Chia Cookies


Beyond nutritious, Chia seeds – one of the “performance-enhancing” superfoods that are living up to the hype that surrounds new health discoveries.Eating a cookie could improve stamina, endurance, hydration, cardio, and wellness while boosting a youthful-looking appearance when it’s full of Chia. Fulfill your sugary cravings with Audrey’s Chia Cookies and skip the regretful treats. 

chia cookies

Mikel Kristi Skincare

mikel krity



Mikel Kristi’s founder, Christy Hall, is a Board Certified Physician Assistant who owns and operates a world class medical aesthetics practice in Tucson, Arizona. 

They prove that you can have gorgeous skin living in the desert. The desert is their muse and their clients are the inspiration to push the boundaries for the most effective formulations that nature can provide.




Deck The Halls With Shinesty Holiday Undies! Check out their site for festive pajamas, suits, dresses, or underwear. Your whole family will love Shinesty!


Carrie Curran Art Studio

carrie curan



Carrie Curran Art Studios in Scottsdale, AZ is a labor of love for owner Carrie and her daughter Maggie. With a combined 30 years experience, they actively sharing their knowledge and passion with every artist that comes through the art studio. With art classes for beginners and experts alike (including kids art classes!) and the space for private parties, this is the perfect place to stretch your creative muscles. Sign up for a class or art workshop today to create something beautiful with them!

Popped Passion



Everyone loves to eat popcorn. But we know most of us eat it differently. Some are passionate about adding chocolate and others are passionate about adding chewy candy.  Popped Passion’s passion is to create new ways for popcorn lovers to enjoy THEIR favorite snack THEIR way. Popped Passion is the first company to offer customized Popcorn Cakes- and we aren’t talking about tasteless, little round rice like cakes.  Popped Passion Popcorn Cakes slice like a cake, chew like a rice krispie treat and taste delicious like popcorn! Yum

Lylah Ledner Bespoke Skin




SMB loves all things from Lylah Ledner Bespoke Skin Care which is a farm to face beauty skin care line.

Traditionally, ‘farm to face’ meant that ingredients came from a local source. But they take farm to face to a whole new level. This means that they grow (as many as possible) the botanicals for their products, and that they make the luxury skin care collection on site, in the farm’s apothecary kitchen. They grow, formulate, create, bottle, package and ship directly to you from the farm. They am obsessed with providing you the freshest possible products all from the Scottsdale Farm.

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