3 Reasons to Attend Phoenix Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo


We have been going to Boo at the Zoo at the Phoenix Zoo every year for the past 7 years – ever since we became parents really. Of course, I love the zoo and think it is a wonderful place to take kids throughout the year, which is probably why we also became members, too. Many of you may go when the weather is nice, or maybe you have attended Zoo Lights during the holidays, but if you haven’t gone to Boo at the Zoo yet, then you just might want to check it out this year (happening October 20 & 21, 2012).

Boo at the Zoo this is a weekend of crafts, games, activities and more at the Phoenix Zoo. Everyone (adults, too!) is encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes as they enjoy learning about animals, taking pictures (make sure you take your camera since there will be plenty of picture-worthy spots), playing in Harmony farm, and participating in the costume parade each day at 11am.

Here are 3 reasons I think you’ll want to attend Boo at the Zoo:

1. It provides safe Halloween activities for younger kids. I think older kids can have fun, too, but I really like that Boo at the Zoo is aimed for kids of all ages, so activities, events, and decorations are less scary, and more just fun. You’ll find a variety of costumes, but the majority are kid-friendly (not so much blood and guts) so your little ones won’t be scared. Plus, the events are all during the day, so your kids can be well rested for all the activities (I recommend going early to beat the crowds).

There are a variety of games that kids can participate in, and all the activities take place in Harmony Farm so you’ll be near the petting zoo and the Little People Discovery Farm. Of course, you can head out to other parts of the zoo, too, if your favorite animal isn’t in the children’s area.

2. Kids learn about more than just candy. I am always looking for toys, activities, or places to visit that are not only fun, but also provide an educational experience for my kids. You’ll find “Halloween” facts about animals throughout the zoo, like what animals wear masks or hide in camouflage. For littler kids, like my 15-month-old daughter, just getting to dress up and see animals all in one day is an experience!

3. You’ll support our zoo and the animals that live there. Since the zoo is a non-profit organization, they rely on admission and other events, like Boo at the Zoo, to help keep it going. I really love having a zoo that is so kid-friendly right here in our city. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for those cute animals!

There you have it – those are my top reasons for going to Boo at the Zoo. I’ll be there the weekend of October 20 & 21 – will you?


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