Hello Disney+, I Love You!


For months I was anticipating Disney+. We were counting down the days and planned a movie marathon in our jammies on the day it premiered. We don’t do much screen time aside from some TV, so it was like a holiday in our house! I don’t know about you, but growing up it was always so special to have television shows we would watch together as a family. I remember that we would all sit down to watch the Partridge Family every week. I would get a pillow and lay against my mom, my brother would be across the room. My dad was in his chair next to us. It felt so special. Also, I totally had a crush on David Cassidy and adored the song “C’mon, Get Happy.” I feel like Disney+ has given me the nostalgia of those memories and helped me create new ones with my family.

Disney+Maybe it’s silly that a streaming platform gives me the warm fuzzies, but alas, it does. That’s why I’m here to tell you some of my favorites so far!


This show brings back the casts of high school plays and they need to recreate the play in about a week’s time. It’s so fun to watch. I definitely have cried multiple times watching these.

The Mandalorian

This is the show. Every week our family cuddles together on the couch to watch this. I admit, I wasn’t a Star Wars fan until my boys started liking it about a year ago. Now I’m hooked. I don’t think you need to be a fan to watch the Mandalorian. It’s SO good. And now it’s extra special because it’s one thing we all agree on and love. I love the interactions between the super strong warrior and an adorable, tiny creature. 


When it comes to Disneyland, I’m all in. I want to soak up every piece of magic that I can. I love it. I would get an annual pass to Disneyland in a heartbeat if I could. I LOVED watching the behind the scenes of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Walt Disney himself. I cried at this one too.

The Santa Clause Movies

The first Santa Clause will always be a favorite Christmas movie of mine. I never got into the other two movies, but it was SO fun to watch them with my kiddos.

Home Alone Movies

Yet another set of Christmas favorites! My boys were old enough to watch these movies this year and it was so much fun enjoying them together.

Lizzie McGuire

I remember looking forward to watching it every week. Did it air on Fridays? Because I feel like I looked forward to watching it every Friday night…Now I’m anxiously awaiting the new show (about Lizzie in her 30’s) to be released sometime in 2020!

Parent Trap (old version)

I grew up watching The Parent Trap (with Hayley Mills) and I loved it so much. I enjoyed the remake with Lindsay Lohan as well, but nothing could top the original IMHO. It’s so great to be able to watch it again!

Empire of Dreams

This is a documentary about the creation of Star Wars. It goes without saying that I am LOVING the entire Star Wars collection being available, but I really enjoyed this documentary about it. It’s fascinating to watch how Episode IV was made and kind of hilarious how they talk about George Lucas being hard to work with.

Forky Asks a Question

Who doesn’t love Forky? I just wish these were longer. My kiddos love this!

Party Saurus Rex

This is such a cute short! I love Pixar shorts, but this one was extra fun. It’s about the party Rex throws with all the bathtub toys. So fun!

I could go on and on about all the things I’m enjoying, but I’ll stop here. Let it be known that my love for Disney+ runs deep. I would love to hear your favorites! What have you been watching?

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