Graeter’s Ice Cream Social


Graeter’s Ice Cream was a little cup of heaven, one spoonful at a time. Friday afternoon amidst the children running rampant and my child asking for more, I indulged in three different flavors and fell in love with each of them. In my cupboard at home I have a stash of “emergency chocolate”, for the kind of days where you really need it. To my stash I will add Graeter’s as I can see them coming to my emergency rescue.

Thank you to all the ladies and kiddos who came by last week for a fun playdate! Thank you to Graeter’s Ice Cream for providing such a delicious treat! I’m sure I won’t be alone as I enjoy my new addiction.

The good news for us Scottsdale families is that Graeter’s Ice Cream, based out of Cinncinati, is now selling their fabulous ice cream at your local Fry’s! Grab a pint and support the hard working, family owned business.

Click here to find out the closest Fry’s store that carries this little pints of goodness 🙂

the leftovers 🙂




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