Camp Tuku

Camp Tuku
Camp Tuku
Camp Tuku Exploration
Camp Tuku Campers
Prescott, AZ, USA
141 South Cortez Street Prescott Arizona 86303 US

At Camp Tuku, our mission is to provide a holistic approach to the camp experience for kids; a program designed to integrate the mind, body, and heart, giving kids skills early in life to help them nurture inner resilience. With a focus on developing mindfulness skills, our unique summer camp experience offers a great opportunity for kids to learn and practice simple, fun tools for the development of self-awareness, as well as practices that will enable them to respond more effectively to the inevitable stress of every-day life. At Camp Tuku, we aim to nurture the mind, body, and heart. Camp Tuku is opening camp in Prescott, Arizona in July 2020!

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