Every city has characteristics that stand out and unite its citizens.  As a Scottsdale Mom, I'm sure you can relate to these 7 Wonders of Scottsdale:  1. Cyclists everywhere - all the time - They come in all shapes, but most of them...
"Don't reinvent the wheel." I love this little pearl of wisdom.  I assume that at any point in my life, anything that I am attempting, someone, somewhere has figured out how to do it better, quicker, with more creativity or...
Breastfeeding isn't for the faint of heart. Though it is one of the most womanly and nurturing acts a woman can do, it is also challenging and tiring. A woman who chooses to breastfeed will do well to study up, seek support and remain determined.

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2020 Guide to the Best Pumpkin Patches in AZ

This year is definitely going to look different than previous Falls, but we all should celebrate the cooler temperatures after making it through the...

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