Rochelle Heringer and her family moved to Arizona in August 2015 from California. She instantly fell in love with the desert landscape and accessible hiking trails. She and her husband have three spectacular children ages 3, 5 and 7 years old that keep them busy and in shape. Before Rochelle became a full time stay at home mom she was a high school teacher. She enjoys cooking, hiking, exercising and dancing with her family.
A plate of Easter eggs that have been dyed using natural ingredients - making them yellow, blue, and deep pink.

How To Dye Easter Eggs Using Everyday Ingredients

Easter is almost here and a great activity to do with your kiddos is making dye using everyday ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Last year I tried to dye our Easter eggs using...
meatless monday

Warm and Cozy Meals for Meatless Mondays

Happy New Year! I'm back with some recipe ideas for Meatless Mondays for winter. That's right, it's actually cold in Scottsdale and I'm thrilled because I love warm and cozy meals made in slow...

20 Things I Love About Scottsdale

When I started putting together this list of 20 things I love about Scottsdale it was to mark our two year anniversary of moving here. While I was writing this post my husband accepted...

Mom Tribes After The Baby and Toddler Years

When I first approached the subject of mom tribes I was missing my California life, specifically my life as a mom of babies and toddlers. I was missing the camaraderie that comes from new...

10 Easy and Fun Indoor Activities

Summer break in Scottsdale is upon us and the extremely high temperatures can make for some of the LONGEST days with little ones. Sure, there are amazing local indoor attractions offered in Scottsdale, but...

5 Father’s Day Crafts Including a Free Printable

Father's day is coming up and Dads love homemade and thoughtful gifts too. Here's 5 Father's Days crafts that are fun for children to make and Dad is sure to cherish. 1. Paper Tie: There...

5 Reasons to Visit The Scottsdale Public Library With Your Children

I love to read and public libraries hold a special place in my heart. I remember going to libraries as a child feeling so proud that I got to select any book I wanted....

What’s So Fabulous About Turning 40?

I remember as a teenager going to 40th birthday parties with my parents that were decorated with "Over the Hill" signs and lots of black crepe paper streamers. The adults would joke about how...

Hiking with Children

One of my favorite things about living in Scottsdale is all of the local and accessible hiking trails. I love hiking and I want my children to love hiking too. Bringing children along can...

Asking for Help is a Strength not a Weakness

Our first born is celebrating her birthday this month and as I reflect on my almost seven years of motherhood, I am in awe of all the amazing experiences and moments we've shared as...

Encourage a Love of Reading for Children with a Book Club

Every month our kiddos see me heading out the door carrying an appetizer or a bottle of wine to my book club meeting and they squeal about how much they want to come with...

Try Meatless Mondays to Change Up Your Dinner Routine

Big welcome to Rochelle! She is another new contributor of ours, a mom of three sharing her love of parenting and life in the Valley of the Sun.  I incorporated Meatless Mondays into our dinner...