Lucee Santini

Lucee Santini is the chief writer and editor for, a Family Travel and Lifestyle site. She a social media influencer with noted presence and engagement on Instagram and the Author of Letters to Mom and Dad, a humorous memoir about immigrating to the U.S. from Europe as a child. When she is not traveling for her blog, Lucee enjoys traveling with her family and always discovering new places.

Easy DIY Home Projects Delivered Locally

I found easy DIY home projects delivered locally curbside.  This is so helpful for us now that we are staying home more. DIY crafts give us something to do too during this difficult time....

How to Make a DIY Reward Jar + a Chore Jar for Kids

I was looking online for suggestions for encouraging the kids to use good behavior. In the past I've used a reward system like reward jars which have worked for my kids and have worked...

Homeschooling During the Covid-19 Quarantine

There’s been a major shift in our world recently and there are things I said I would never do that I am now forced to rethink, like homeschooling; specifically homeschooling during the Covid-19 Quarantine....