Heather Terveen

Heather Terveen is a freelance writer and mom to three darling daughters. She's a Southern California transplant that has fallen in love with the Valley. Heather’s a contributing writer for SheKnows.com covering home, lifestyle and parenting topics. You can follow her adventures in home renovation, decorating and motherhood at her lifestyle blog my peanut butter cups or drop her a line on Twitter or Facebook.

7 Reasons to Buy a Pre-cooked Thanksgiving Turkey

I admit it. For the last five years, I have hosted Thanksgiving four out of five times. I have purchased a pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey each and every time I have hosted. I know what you’re thinking…I’m...

Halloween Safety Tips: Keep Your Night Trick-Free

  (And hopefully, tear free.) Halloween is going to be upon us before you know it. And while the jury’s still out on whether my 3-year-old daughter will choose to be the Pottery Barn Unicorn or...

How My Daughter’s Food Allergies Changed our Family for the Better

Only after a frightening trip to the emergency room, that included a shot of epinephrine, did we discover my daughter’s severe food allergies.  At the tender age of 6 months (in an attempt to...