Elizabeth Hertweck

I am a southern girl living in the desert. Can I get a Roll Tide ya'll? I am a wife to Scott and a mama bear to Alex (21) and Nicholas (7). I have a Master's Degree in education and have spent my career teaching children and now I speak and encourage woman in various settings. Jesus, dogs and yoga are life. I am so excited to do mama life with you!
perfect day

Perfect Day for a Getaway: Escape to Crescent Moon Ranch

After months of closures and slow re-openings, my mom lifer, Jennie, suggested we throw our boys in the car and escape Phoenix in search of the perfect day away. Our boys were long over...
arizona summer

Arizona Summer is not Cancelled: Moms Unite to Make it Through

My husband was born and raised in San Diego. He told me when school was out for summer, they would call it "June Gloom" because there were overcast skies for the entire month, which...
mother of time

The Mother of All Time: the Areas we Grow as Mothers

Dear Mama, I see you and feel you in this very unexpected and uncharted territory called The Great Quarantine of 2020. You have been called to a level of motherhood maybe you felt not ready...
to market

To Market, To Market: Important Lessons from the Farmer’s Market

I feel very fortunate that even here in Arizona, we have many local farmer's markets that have the most beautiful fresh produce and other products. Growing up in the South, I have so many...
answering all the questions

But Why Mom? Answering ALL the Questions from Toddler to Teen

I don't know about you, but my Albert Einstein of a seven year old asks all the questions. From the time he opens his beautiful green eyes until those long lashes fan him to...
secret language of boys

The Secret Language of Boys: Learning to Really Hear Them

Boy, n. noise with dirt on it As a mom of boys I ask you, could there be a more accurate definition? The most spoken language in my household seems to be from a foreign...