Beth Beyer Williams

I am a stay at home Boy Mama to Hunter & Duke- the loves of my life! These days it seems we are non-stop busy busy BUSY! I was born in Chicago but grew up and still live in North Scottsdale. (I lived in San Diego for a couple years in between & still spend a lot of time there). For 17 years (before having my boys) I worked as a TV News Producer/Reporter. I am blessed I still get to keep my foot in the door and freelance at the station every once in a while. My hubby Scott and I try to plan some sort of "adventure" every weekend to get out & about with the boys whether in town or out, but I must admit I love nothing more than curling up with a good book and a cozy blanket! I am always looking for a good book recommendation- so please send it on over!

Botox Gone Bad

My best friend called me in tears- her beauty treatment turned her into a beast (her words not mine.) Her first time trying to tackle wrinkles with Botox... went terribly wrong. Before even "going...

Mama Needs a Life Coach

 Recently, I was having a conversation with a mama friend of mine on the phone (gasp! yes this still exists even though I think we all only have time for the quick texts.) Anyway,...

What Moms Should Know About Monsoon Season

  I can remember the very first summer we lived in AZ and when monsoon season started (we moved from Chicago to Scottsdale when I was a kiddo). That first storm was a doozy! In...

Scorpions- What to do if your child is stung

Wait! Stop! Don’t scroll past this post because of the creepy crawly critter in the picture! Anyone with a child (grandchild, takes care of a child, knows a child) this is a MUST read! Living...

Quick Get Away in Strawberry

I don’t know about you but when the temperature creeps up, I itch to get the heck outta town. My family has a cabin up north which has always been a great escape! Recently...

Mom Making a Difference

I recently was introduced to a local mom who has turned a sad situation into saving lives. I wanted to share her inspiring story and help spread awareness to other women on a type of cancer...

Holiday Danger Zones

Baby it's cold outside! Time to bust out the Christmas decorations…or is it? The past couple of years I find more and more of my holiday bins are staying in the garage untouched. The reason...

Shop Local: personalized play tent for toddlers

No one warns you about all the "stuff" that comes along with having kids. I'm officially out of space. Closets are jam packed. Let’s be honest, from birth to toddler age the toys are not...

Halloween Kid Costume Torture

It's that time of year again, candy corn, cooler temps, pumpkin spiced everything and (gulp) hunting down a Halloween costume for my kid. I feel an irrational amount of pressure picking the perfect Halloween costume....

Mom turned Mompreneur: Building a Business With Babies

Say Hi to Beth! She is a new contributor and local "boy mom" with two busy little ones and ready to share her wisdom and love of adventures with you all.  I always like to...