Bethaney McGowan

Bethaney McGowan
Born and raised in the UK. I met my future husband backpacking in New Zealand and followed him back to Chicago before moving to Arizona together. We have lived in Scottsdale for 3 years now, got married in 2019 and welcomed our son in 2020. We love to travel locally and further a field with our fur baby and new bundle of joy.
St. George's Day high tea

St. George’s Day: High Tea at Home

You’ve all heard of St. Patrick’s Day but what about St. George’s Day? Being from England I thought I’d share this special day with you. St. George’s Day is England’s equivalent to Ireland’s St. Patrick’s...
fun foods

Fun Foods to Brighten Your Day and Five Places to Find Them

Let’s face it: the world got a little weird and we’ve all needed a little extra cheering up from time to time. After accidentally stumbling across some rainbow goodness, I’ve been searching the area...