Andrea grew up in north Scottsdale and is a desert girl through and through. She is the mother of two young boys (and one on the way). Andrea has a masters degree in Special Education and is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. Andrea loves to read and bake and can be usually found outside with her kindle and a cup of coffee.
baking with toddlers

Baking with Toddlers: Muffin Edition

I am the Queen of Carbs. I love to bake and I’ve been involving my kids in the process since my older son was a baby. We mostly bake cookies, muffins, bread, and cakes,...
toy rotation

5 Secrets to Developing a Toy Rotation

Honestly, I have to admit that I am pretty lazy mom. I hate cleaning and we’re usually in our pajamas until we absolutely have to be somewhere. But I worked at a preschool for...

Labels and Child Development {My Eureka Moment}

“It all comes out in the wash.” That’s what a friend said to me when I was feverishly worrying about another skill my then toddler wasn’t demonstrating. At this point in my son’s little...