Let’s Talk About Poop: Normal vs Constipation?

Phoenix Children's Pediatrics has sponsored this video as a part of our medical educational series.

Constipation is one of those topics that I had no idea I would ask so many questions about as a mom! Thankfully Dr. Sara Kertz, a pediatrician from Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics – Paradise Valley graciously agreed to answer your most asked questions! 

If you are wondering any of the following, join us in watching the video below.

  • What is a normal pooping schedule?
  • What is constipation?
  • How can I prevent constipation?
  • Does the Arizona climate matter?


Dr. Kertz offers wonderful strategies and dietary advice in this video and so much more! Dr. Kertz is accepting new patients. You can request an appointment by clicking here or calling 602-933-6335.

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