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As a community, many of us are wondering what the best path forward for school is next year. We wanted to put together a resource for you from recommendations within the community. I have never considered homeschooling my children, and I was overwhelmed with the answers I found when I googled ‘best homeschool curriculum’.

We are fortunate to have an incredibly active, knowledgeable, and generous homeschool community, right here in Scottsdale. Within minutes of putting the question out on facebook, families were ready to jump in and help me sort the myriad of choices before me.

From Kelly Lippert (Scottsdale Moms Contributor Alumni): “Homeschooling has been a lifestyle change that was exactly what our family needed. It is not always easy, but I look at any challenge that comes as an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with my children and a more efficient household. I am constantly working to understand them more. It also allows for incredible flexibility, deep friendships, and lots of creativity!”

Homeschool Curriculum:


Elementary School Only:

HomIndividual Subject Resources:

*These resources may have all subjects, but these subjects were specifically recommended.

State Regulations:

As I’ve learned and searched over the past few weeks, I’ve been introduced to friends on this journey who will be honest with you. They have walked the path of homeschooling and they will tell you the hard, and the beautiful. They will be honest with you about the learning curve during the first year as your family shifts into a different rhythm.

Find someone you connect with that has gone before you and can offer you wisdom. Make sure they are someone who doesn’t shy away from telling you the hard parts. They will be the biggest encouragers in those moments when you want to throw in the towel.

Here are a few that I personally know, and some that others have recommended for your journey:


Please let us know in the comments if you have any curriculum or influencers to add!

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