Four Ways to Win Free Stuff!


When it comes to trying to win free swag, I’m obsessed. Do not invite me to an event with a raffle or silent auction and expect me to participate in the night’s festivities like a normal guest. No. Not me. I will be pacing near the announcer’s table, watching, sizing up the competition, waiting to see if I’ve won. If it’s a radio giveaway, and I need to be caller 9, I will keep my sweaty palms at the ready waiting for the song to drop, rehearsing my acceptance speech.

I’m not sure if I enjoy the actual prize or the thrill of having my name called more. Whatever it is, you too can partake in the same irrational, unhinged rush of happiness by winning something! That’s why I’ve composed this list of ways you can win more free stuff in the Valley! *cackles*

Step One: Follow your favorite local companies on social media. I have found that the more local the contest, the more likely you are to win! Do you have a favorite bake shop? Follow them! Do your kids love a local indoor play area? Follow them! You can even search Instagram hashtags like #azgiveaway or #azmomgiveaway. And don’t forget, Scottsdale Moms has tons of giveaways, including on social media!

Step Two: Create a ‘tag team’ of moms who love free stuff too! Many times, brands will ask that you tag a friend or two in order to be entered in their giveaways. Find other moms who don’t mind you tagging them, and in exchange, allow them to tag you! Some companies give you more entries per person tagged, so the more, the merrier!

Step Three: Check the websites of your favorite local news and radio stations. They are always doing giveaways! For instance, 99.9 KEZ has a page dedicated to contests and promos that you can stalk, er, check often. Uh, calmly, of course. And 12 News has one as well!

Step Four: Enter often! Well, everything that looks legit. Be careful, there are some scams out there but that’s all the more reason to enter local contests! They can be verified easier than the national ones. Double-check suspicious-looking messages from companies asking you to enter their contest or provide your personal information.

Do you love entering contests? What is the best prize you’ve won? Please share in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Hi! I once won a contest from Trader Joe’s and I got a big bag full of TJ snacks! What a lovely and funny article. Thank you!


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