What Robot Vacuum Should You Buy?

This post has been sponsored by Neato Robotics. We had a blast trying out the new vacuum and coming home to a clean house!

What robot vacuum should you buy?

Robot Vacuum cleaning the floor

My husband and I have an ongoing joke about our robot vacuum. He likes to tease me that the robot vacuum is my best friend. It’s true. I check on the robot vacuum before we leave the house. I get excited knowing that I’m going to return to a clean floor. I get giddy when I walk in and there are beautiful lines on my carpet. It is one less task that I have to put on my to-do list and that makes this mama incredibly happy. 

I have been using a robot vacuum for four years. I started my journey with a round robot vacuum. Last week was my first time using the Neato D10 robot. 

Why should I buy a robot vacuum? 

Aside from having a new best friend, the gift of time is all you need to know about why you should buy a robot vacuum. Instead of my old routine of vacuuming weekly, I open the door to our linen closet where we keep our robot vacuum. I quickly walk around the house to make sure that the floors are cleared. I pull out my phone and start the Neato D10.

It takes me longer to get the family out the door and in the car than it does to set all of my floors to being clean when I return home. (Cue the happy dance!)

With the holidays coming up I’m going to need every spare minute I can find. I love that I can leave the vacuuming off of my list completely. I don’t need to fuss at my kiddos about where they are walking or snacking while I’m trying to finalize pulling the stuffing out of the oven. I can just grab my phone and start the vacuum. 

Are Vacuum robots worth it? 

As a mother of five children, time is an absolute luxury. Anything that gives me back time in my day is absolutely worth it.

What robot vacuum should you buy? 

The Neato D10 is the fourth robot vacuum I’ve owned. Here are just a few of the reasons the Neato D10 is my favorite

  • After one charge the Neato D10 cleans up to 2,700 sq. feet. 
  • The Neato D10 has a D-shape instead of a round shape. After running the vacuum, I can see a huge difference in the corners of the house. The D10 does a great job getting the corners clean. 
  • You can customize your floorplan with Zones that define areas to clean more frequently—or No-Go Zones to identify areas to avoid (like the Christmas tree you just set up, or the pet food bowls). 
  • Did you know that other robot vacuums have cameras on board? With no cameras or microphones on board, the D10 uses LaserSmart navigation powered by LIDAR to navigate. The D10 doesn’t record images or audio of you or your belongings, and state-of-art encryption both on the robot and in the cloud ensure your security.
  • It includes a HEPA filter. The True HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • And this is my personal favorite – other robot vacuums I’ve had can be impossible to get to recharge. If they’ve run over anything sticky or dusty, the battery connectors have a difficult time lining up, because the connections are on the base of the robot. I spent way too much time leaning over, trying to get the round vacuum robot to line up perfectly on the connectors so that it would charge. The Neato D10 recharges using a slimline charge base, so you avoid that issue completely. 

Let me know if you have any questions about using a robot vacuum! Be sure and check out the Neato D10 and let us know what you think!