Catholic Private School


Choosing a school for our children can be challenging from curriculum to extra curricular activities. As a first time mom I wanted something that focused on the value of community and of course education. After much deliberation and research my husband and I decided to place my 3-year-old son (at that time) in Private Catholic school.

The school was a place my husband and I had great memories in. It was our childhood church, and a place where we had our children baptized and eventually got married there. The location was close to our house and enrollment process was easy. 

At first it was very difficult as we were not allowed in our child’s classroom because of Covid regulations. This was particularly hard for us, because it was our son’s first time at school as a 3-year-old and we couldn’t have that experience of walking him to class and meeting his classmates etc. The pandemic definitely ruined that experience for both us. I will say that the precautions were extreme and therefor not many cases were reported at school.

Once things got a bit calmer we were allowed on campus and attended meetings in the class allowing us to meet the other parents and children. The sense of community and friendship was incredible. The other parents were welcoming and always kind with one another. My son loves that he is able to learn about Jesus and has great things to say about his teacher and classmates. This was particularly important for me; I wanted my son to learn about our faith and receive a quality education. 

I will say that the cost is significant for a catholic school You are paying for everything from tuition to school uniforms and these can get quite expensive. The sense of peace I get from my son attending preschool there is worth every penny. I highly recommend doing your own research and finding what works for your child and family in terms of education. 

If your children attend private catholic school let me know your experience in the comments below or on our instagram page @scottsdalemoms.