Laundry Room Makeover


No matter how big or small they are, DIY projects can be fun and a great way to upgrade your house to your liking. If you want to have your house feel more like a home, doing room makeovers around your house can not only help you achieve that, but also maximize your space. But don’t forget about your laundry room, even if it’s not the main part of your home, it could benefit from a renovation. Whether that is just adding some new storage space or painting a statement wall, giving your laundry room a makeover can help make doing chores less boring and more efficient!

If you are wondering where to start and how you can give your laundry room a facelift, here are some tips so you can bring it to the next level: 

Declutter Your Space

laundryIf your laundry room is cluttered it can make doing laundry harder. To make it an enjoyable chore, start by decluttering and getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore – that includes any empty packaging you have laying around. Put everything in its place and get some new containers and matching baskets to help you organize everything. It’s a great idea to get some shelf units with storage cubes to store materials and your freshly cleaned laundry. 

Add New Lighting

laundryMaking the room more relaxing can also help doing laundry more enjoyable, so make sure to add new lighting to your laundry to help you with that. A great tip is to add new bright lights and some decorative lighting, such as fairy lights and lanterns. A well-lit room can change the mood in your laundry room and make the room look nicer.

Paint the Walls

laundryAdding a fresh coat of paint to your walls can make your laundry room look like new and make it more exciting. You can choose to add an unconventional wall color as a statement wall to make you smile or just some fresh clean white to make it elegant. Keeping the ceiling bright white and choosing a color for the wall will maximize the light in the room. 

Install a Sink

laundryIf you have the budget and are willing to do some extra work, consider adding a sink to your laundry room. A sink by the laundry machine can make it more convenient for you when cleaning stains, treating fabric or washing off products of your hands. 

Create a Folding Table

laundryTo help maximize your space even more, consider adding a folding table. A folding table that retracts and expands can help a small laundry room become more efficient and be a game changer when you have to handle a large load of laundry. 

Hang Useful Wall Art

laundryDo you want to hang wall art to make your room pop? Consider hanging some useful wall art that will not only change the look of your laundry room but also help you when doing laundry. You could hang a laundry cheat sheet  on your wall to help with directions on how to wash your clothes.