Ideas for Family Vacations and Road Trips From Arizona


Arizona is a state that does not seem to run out of gorgeous views and landscapes. It’s naturally beautiful, making it perfect for family vacations and road trips. There are surely plenty of exciting sights and breathtaking stops along the way.

If you’re planning to go on a day trip from Arizona, make sure that everything is ready: snacks, beverages, and other stuff for camping. Never drive without a driver’s license. To acquire one, go through all the process and requirements, including taking and passing a DMV written test.

Now here are some fun and exciting ideas for your next family trip from Arizona:

A road trip to Tucson is worth your time. A vacation in Tucson gives you a glimpse of the good old Southwest. However, the city offers more than just one’s vision of horses and dusty trails. It blends history and modernity. It’s a place that is literally surrounded by natural wonders: beautiful rock outcroppings and majestic mountain ranges.

Some of the interesting places to stop by when in Tucson are the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Mission San Javier del Bac. The place also offers plenty of great places to eat at and stay in.

Phoenix and Tempe
Situated near each other, these two places are a must-visit in Arizona. Phoenix is a great place to start when on a road trip in Arizona. There are lots of hiking spots and fantastic restaurants here.

One of the popular tourist attractions that you can’t miss is the Desert Botanical Garden, where you get to see desert wildflowers, butterfly enclosures, and giant cactus gardens, among others. Other exciting sights to visit in Phoenix and Tempe include the Phoenix Zoo and The Buttes.

If there’s a postcard-perfect town worth your day trip, you can never go wrong with Sedona. This town offers countless beautiful sights and attractions, surrounded with colorful canyons and vistas of gorgeous red rocks. Visit the landscapes and canyons up close on an off-road ride. When in Sedona, don’t forget to stop by and go for a hike. See beautiful desert flora and fauna and creatures up close and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery during your hike. A popular hiking spot is the way to the famous Bell Rock.

Abandoned buildings, spooky stories. If your family loves the thrill of ghost stories and strange murders, then Jerome is an appealing place. You can go on a guided Ghost Town Tour and visit haunted buildings and houses in the abandoned mining town. One of the creepiest parts of the tour is the abandoned locker rooms in a deserted high school. The town also gives you a better glimpse of the heyday of the Old West.

Grand Canyon
Of all the beautiful places to see and visit in Arizona, the Grand Canyon takes the cake. It’s the most famous road trip destination in Arizona. If you wish to go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, the best points of entry are from Tucson and from the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams. A shorter ride is by taking the route from Sedona, which only takes about two hours.

Whichever route you take, the scenery along the way won’t surely disappoint. Everywhere you look, you’ll see the massive grandeur of the Grand Canyon, its beautiful rock formations, majestic outcroppings, its deep crevices. The Grand Canyon alone is more than enough reason to plan your next family vacation and road trip in Arizona.

When on a trip with your family, don’t just focus on the destination. Savor every passing minute, every sight. Enjoy the ride.

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