MIM’s Summer of Science STEM Video Collection

A very special thank you to the MIM for sponsoring this post!

There is a window of time each morning that my children are ready for something interesting. They are awake, full of breakfast, and ready for a new day to begin, but I need a few minutes to start the laundry and finish dishes before we begin the rest of our day. The past few mornings, I’ve been putting on MIM’s Summer of Science STEM Video Collection. MIM has put together a video collection exploring the relationship between music and science.

The format for the series is perfect for our summer mornings. The collection consists of 10–15 minute videos followed by a hands-on activity. The collection is explained in a viewing guide MIM provides for you. After the kids watch the video, we sit down together to do the activity. My two youngest children are 4 and 6. The first video in the summer of science series, Sound Waves, they watched two days in a row! They love the hands-on activities! After watching the video the first time, they spent the rest of the day asking to ‘feel my voice’ as I talked. There was constant giggling as they placed a finger on my throat as I sang to them.

The videos are professional and engaging, and the printable handouts that are provided explain the activity are clear and thorough.

You can pay $3 per video or $15 for the entire series with unlimited streaming. There are seven videos in the collection.

Before you begin, be sure and print out the viewing guide so that you can gather the materials you need for each video.

For $15 this is an absolute win for everyone!

After we finish this video collection, we will be choosing another series to enjoy, such as the Musical Menagerie Tour (ages 5–7) or Discovery Tour (ages 8–13).

Best of all, by purchasing the summer of science collection, you are supporting one of our local gems! The museum is home to 8,000 instruments from more than 200 world countries. MIM is a treasure to our community that kids will love learning more about!




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