Interview with Amy Carney, Scottsdale Mom and Parenting Coach – Could Foster Care Be in Your Future?


When you have triplets, followed by a new baby 18 months later, you are thrown into the deep end of parenting. This was just the beginning of Amy Carney’s parenting journey. Amy Carney, local Scottsdale mom, is a joy to talk to and learn from. She shares her wisdom on how to parent with a plan to both enjoy the precious time we have been given and prepare your children for how to launch into the world successfully.

Amy’s book, Parenting on Purpose, tackles the hard and uncomfortable questions about raising your children in a society that attempts to prioritize their time by keeping them overly busy and exhausted. She reminds us of the importance of serving others and learning independence as the become adults. 

Amy Carney speaks with confidence and experience, encouraging all of us to raise adults who are able to navigate this world on their own. 

After four children, you would have thought that Amy would be wrapping up her parenting plans, but to her very sweet surprise, Amy has now added ‘foster parent’ and ‘adoptive parent’ to her parenting resume.

Don’t miss Amy and my chat as we talk candidly about our experience as foster parents. Amy and I had different journey’s that led us to foster care, but came to the same conclusion. Foster kids need us. And we need them.

We tackle the hard reality of disrupting the current family dynamic, the logistics of having a foster child in your care, and the shifting of your priorities. We give you a glimpse into the day to day of having a foster child in your care. We encourage you to shift your perception to focus on the children. 

Foster children need and are worthy of every ounce of love and every minute of time we can give. 

Amy’s Website: Parenting on Purpose

Amy’s Books: Parenting on Purpose / 100 Questions for Mom