A Mother’s Day Wish


My Mother’s Day wish is simple: a family hike and a delicious chocolate cake. To me, there’s no better way to spend a day than soaking in the sunshine and fresh air. The scenery in Arizona is unbeatable and I love the weather that Mother’s Day weekend usually brings.

I recently had a conversation with my daughter about how we need to think about what brings other people joy on their special day. We had just finished celebrating her birthday – a day weekend filled with themed party food, tons of streamers and balloons, and lots of Zoom calls with friends and family around the country. As her celebration wrapped up, she looked both excited and little nervous when she said she was going to start planning “the best Mother’s Day ever.”

It was then that I realized she needed to learn an important lesson. My Mother’s Day wish would never be for a decorated house or themed food and endless social calls. While I appreciate her enthusiasm and care, weeks of crafting and planning isn’t necessary. What I enjoy most is time spent together – and if that happens to include chocolate cake, I won’t complain. 

The conversation then turned to what other people’s Mother’s Day wish might look like…maybe a special card with a drawing or a bouquet of flowers. Some moms love a thoughtful gift that shows how well their family knows them. Other moms might wish for a special piece of jewelry to remind them of their family when they wear it. Other moms might dream of a nap…or a clean house!

Mother’s Day should be all about the mom. If you aren’t sure what her Mother’s Day wish looks like, think about what she enjoys most. How does she spend her time when there’s nothing that she has to do? Spouses and kids, if you aren’t sure what to do this Mother’s Day, just ask!


  1. This is such a great life lesson. It can be so tempting to purchase gifts that we like for someone, rather than digging in and learning what it is they really want! You are doing such an amazing job, mama!

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