How to Make Mom Friends


After a year in a pandemic, moms are feeling lonely. If you don’t already have a good friend base, and even if you do, this experience has been isolating. 

If you are like me, you have your good friends from high school and college, but they are scattered all over the country (and sometimes world). How does an adult woman make friends with other moms in their community. 

I can tell you some easy steps, but the other part of this is that you have to be a little brave. You need to say yes sometimes to things that are out of your comfort zone and lastly you have to put yourself out there. 

Before you met your partner, maybe you dabbled in dating sites. Well, guess what? They have dating sites for mom to make friends! There are two that I have heard good things about. Bumble BFF and Peanut. While Bumble BFF is for all women, Peanut is just for moms. Both of these sites are similar to dating sites, but more real, less focus on the pics and the reward is having a fun mom date, with or without the kiddos. 

Local Facebook mom groups can be another good way to meet moms. We have several in the area and you can often search them by your neighborhood. These groups have lots of useful information and other moms asking for referrals and recommendations. Moms also will offer up play dates at parks or share other helpful information. 

If your kiddo is school aged, the PTO is the place to go. We have been doing zoom for our meetings thus far, but being a part of the PTO has helped me to meet so many moms in my local neighborhood. When you join a committee of something you are interested in (think events, fundraising or teacher support), you are often connected to other people and you can work together with them and maybe form a friendship. 

Lastly, you can also take a class (exercise, art, etc) and find people with similar interests outside of momdom. 

Hopefully some of these ideas can help you to make a new friend or two. Making friends is hard and being a mom can be isolating. Doing both of these during a pandemic is harder. Hang in there moms and don’t forget you can reach out to existing friends too. Just because they aren’t reaching out doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling the same as you. 


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