Dear Husband: I Can Be Stressed Too


Sometimes I feel my job as a stay-at-home mom is underestimated. Not only by other people but sometimes by my husband, too. Just because I do not have a 9 to 5 job to clock in and out of, it’s percieved that I am not “working.” Now I do not want to make my husband sound like he doesn’t give credit when it’s due because he does know how hard it is to be home all day with the kids but sometimes, he makes me feel like it SHOULD be easier for me because that’s my job.

One morning I was having a stressful morning. We were running late to get my daughter to school, I had to pump a bottle for the baby who did not want to be put down, make lunch, get me and the kids dressed and pack the backpack. My daughter is in the stage where she insists on picking out her clothes and dressing herself. It is a battle most days. I was stressed and overwhelmed. My husband came upstairs and seemed to be annoyed that I was stressed and needed to step away for a second and ask for help. My stress started an argument with my husband, and he made a comment “it’s your job” or something a long the lines that summed up that response. I was annoyed.

Dear Husband: I don’t clock into a 9 to 5. In fact I don’t clock in because I never clock out. I am up all night with the baby and up early with my toddler. From there it is a day of entertaining, cleaning, cooking, and laundry. The list goes on. Yes, husband, it is my job during the day while you work to do all that, and I am happy with that, but remember I can have stressful and bad days too. I need to ask for help sometimes and walk away for a few minutes to catch my sanity. I do have great days at work and awful days… I NEED to vent for a few minutes and just have you listen sometimes.

Dear Husband: I hope I can be that for you on your bad days and for your good. I let you vent and help when I can. Understand that I may need that from you while I am at work too!