How TikTok Has Changed My Mom Game


Just one year ago, I was a busy working mom with a live-in au pair. My weekends were filled with taking my son on activities during the day, and dinner dates with friends in the evening. My calendar was filled in 2020 with several trips planned until then end of the year. Working in the hotel industry, I was mentally preparing for a busy spring break season, what we thought was one of our busiest seasons to date. Then, March 13, 2020, President Trump declared the COVID-19 virus a National Emergency, and the Travel Ban began, and my world, like all of yours, came crashing down.

I found myself furloughed from my job with no set return date in the near future. My husband and I decided to let our au pair go, and my husband, who works in healthcare at a busy hospital, was working days and nights as hospitals grew to capacity. I found myself home alone with my son for hours and hours a day as the world was on lockdown, with nothing to do and nothing to look forward to. As much as I loved being with my son, I missed my hustle-bustle life. I missed the human interaction. I missed my friends. I missed work. I missed what makes me who I am.

After a week or so of re-organizing and cleaning my house from top to bottom, I became, like many, beyond bored. I turned to social media to fill the gaps of my day when my son was napping or playing. But my Facebook feed was filled with horrifying Covid facts, futile arguments, and political opinions. Instagram gave some relief but after I saw the same Tiger King memes about fifty times, nothing was really appealing to me. I decided to download the TikTok app, and at first, the only thing I saw was people dancing the same dances, lip synching voice overs, women telling me what they eat in a day and very fit twenty somethings roller skating. Maybe I was too old for this. Too much of a mom. This was too silly for me. I like to learn and feel a connection with people I follow on social media. Maybe this wasn’t for me.

But then, eventually the algorithm kicked in, and I began following some of the most amazing content creators who have taught me more things in sixty seconds then I’d learn in one semester of college. With nail salons shut down, I began using press on nails. With no option to get my eyebrows done I learned how to dye my eyebrows with “Just For Men” beard hair dye. I started adding pasta water to my spaghetti. Doing STEM crafts with my son. Making sourdough bread from scratch. I have a morning and evening skin care routine. My life completely changed and for the better. I felt like each TikTok creator was my teacher, my guru. Every naptime, feeding time, spare minute I had I stared into my screen swiping up and devouring clip after clip.

Then in late June 2020 I was called back to work, and the world slowly started to open up. Arrangements were made for my son to attend daycare. I dusted off the heels and ironed the blazers. As much as I was so happy to go back to work, I knew my TikTok viewing time would be limited, and I started following busy moms who share Amazon finds, quick easy meals and cleaning hacks. There isn’t a day when I don’t jump on to TikTok and dive in and learn something that changes my game.

If there is one thing I have learned about my time on TikTok, is that there is no sense in knowing something if you don’t share it. So, behold, a list of my favorite TikTok content creators. I urge you all to not feel like a ridiculously old Millennial like me, and watch and learn and change up your mom game!

Best TikTok Content Creators for Busy Arizona Moms:

@lindseygurk: This mom will have you rolling on the floor with laughter as she imitates her two children and what she believes they plot against her daily.

@easyfamilyrecipes: The name speaks for itself. Her recipes are simple but look beautiful and any kid would love to eat them.

@spicednice: This TikTok Food Queen has the most amazing meals that will truly impress your whole family. Her food is hearty and familiar, but with a middle eastern twist.

@cookingwithshereen: Shereen will teach you what she calls “cheffie tips” and learn things you never knew how to do, like make the perfect chicken cutlet.

@danimorin13: Dani is the mom you wish was in your mom group. She focuses on child safety, and reviewing baby products.

@lizmoody: I have followed Liz’s podcast for quite some time. She is a healthy food chef and re-creates your favorite comfort foods and makes healthy versions. I have made her healthy version of the Starbuck lemon loaf and my son ate it like it was the last meal on earth.

@wildjoyexperiences: Now that we are ready to explore, Wild Joy will show you places in our beautiful state you never knew existed. After watching two of the videos, you will be packing up the car for your next short ride adventure.

@hannahwiththelipstick: I owe my beautiful dyed eyebrows and my skincare routine to Hannah. She makes skincare and beauty tutorials that will change your life.

@sulheejessica: Have you ever seen those amazing bento box kids lunches and ever want to learn how to make them? Well, Jessica will show you how!

@kelseyvenkov: Kelsey tells you where to buy the coolest things from beauty dupes, to Dollar Tree and Walmart finds.

@jenniferhenrynovich: I used to get my nails done twice a month. Not anymore. Jennifer teaches you how to make press on nails look professional.

@ms.lanasroom: Ms. Lana is a preschool teacher. She teaches us clueless moms how to teach our toddlers how to share, social skills, STEM crafts and how to set goals and routines with your little one.

@athomewithshannon: The Queen of Mom Hacks.

@spiritedla: After a long day of being an awesome mom, learn how to be a mixologist by making restaurant quality cocktails.

@azfoodie: You haven’t been to a restaurant in a while! Let AZ Foodie tell you where you need to go for the best eats in town.

@vaneamaro91: From buying the scrub daddy to being obsessed with Dawn Power Wash, this professional housecleaner will teach you how to clean your home like you have never cleaned it before and what products to buy to do so.

@katherinewants: A chef husband cooking for his pregnant wife and making all her favorite meals, which will soon become all your favorite meals too. Learn how to get your little ones to eat healthy and foster a positive relationship with food.

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Born and raised in Chicago, IL. I moved to the valley before high school. I have lived in Scottsdale on and off since college but my husband and I moved back to the valley after our son was born. My husband and I are college sweethearts and welcomed our son, after a long painful battle of infertility, in June 2019. He truly is our miracle! I work in the hotel industry and travel is my passion. I also love to cook and craft as well. Mom and life hacks are totally my current obsession. My husband is Jewish and I was raised Catholic so we are in an interfaith marriage, which means double the fun and double the holidays! can't wait to share some mom hacks and travel advice with all of you!



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