Spring Break Ski Trip


I know, when you think spring break you think tropical beach getaway right? When do we not think that? But when our family thinks spring break, we think mountains, snow, and fire pits! My husband and I grew up in Colorado. My husband is an avid skier; me, I am more the après skier. We always went up during the ski season. We started to realize the best and worst times to go with weather, snow, and crowds. That is when we discovered that the spring was the best time for a ski trip.

ski trip

Here’s why:

Warmer weather: weather is so much warmer in the spring. When I say warmer, I mean in the 20’s. Still seems cold BUT when dressed for it, it’s pretty warm. Going in the early season (December/January) you flirt with single digits or negative temps.

Less Crowded (maybe): You will see a little heavier crowd just because its spring break. A lot of schools have different weeks off (unlike winter break, most have the same two weeks off) and it won’t be all at once. If you can schedule your trip to be during the week, it’s a lot less crowded.

Better for younger children: With warmer weather and less crowds it will make for a lot happier child! If they aren’t cold and crowded, they will be so much happier and willing to do more things outdoors.

ski tripWinter clothes are cheaper in the spring: For those of us who live in Arizona, the extent of warm clothes we own is fleece coat and sweatpants. I usually shop for new clothes for the kids just for the ski trip. After the holiday’s stores start to get their spring stuff in and all the warm winter clothes go on sale. Ski coats, gloves and boots are also a lot cheaper this time of year!

Last cold wave before the heat of the summer: Yes, us Arizonans know that after spring, is summer. If we can fit in as much cold as we can before triple digits we will! Great vacation before the heat!

BONUS: If you do decide to go to Colorado and ski, a little resort called A-Basin could stay open as late as the 4th of July! You can basically Ski and golf all in one day! Just a little bonus to escape the summer a little early!