Fun Foods to Brighten Your Day and Five Places to Find Them


Let’s face it: the world got a little weird and we’ve all needed a little extra cheering up from time to time. After accidentally stumbling across some rainbow goodness, I’ve been searching the area for more fun foods to brighten any day.

In at number one is Alien Donuts. Located right in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale, the donut shop boasts an array of colorful and space themed donuts and shakes. It also proudly serves vegan and gluten free items which is a plus in my book. The shop is a delight in itself, with alien statues and décor that is out of this world!  Perfect for photo opportunities or to keep the little ones amused while getting that all-important coffee in.

fun foods

Next up is Sweet Dee’s Bake Shop. This bakery screams ‘Instagrammable’ and while a little more grown up than Alien Donuts, the kids will love the fun food items. Sweet Dee’s often has Disney and Baby Yoda snacks and occasionally hosts entire themed food weekends. Past themes have included Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Winnie the Pooh. The Bakery offers vegan and gluten free items, as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu. The Birthday Cake Latte is a permanent addition to the menu and one of my favorites. It’s tasty, beautiful to look at, and, there’s coffee.

fun foods

JoJo Coffee House is a local and personal favorite, it’s as if I like coffee or something! The coffee house serves breakfast, brunch and lunch with great classics like the much-loved millennial choice, avocado toast, with deals on different types of mimosas. You can find live music with your meal on the weekends as well. However, even though their menu is full of fun foods, I am here to talk to you about one item in particular, their birthday pancakes. As you can tell, I am a sucker for a gimmick and these pancakes are perfect. Covered in birthday sprinkles and funfetti these colorful pancakes are a hit with adults and kids alike!

fun foods

Another hotspot for Instagrammable food is the Hotel Valley Ho. While I’m not quite bikini ready, you can catch me in their restaurant, Zuzu, with the Showstopper. What is a Showstopper? Well, it’s a whole experience as I found out last week. The Showstopper shake is made to be photographed, its almost too good to eat. Zuzu has a new shake every month for continuous fun. I tried the Valentine’s special which included a slice of red velvet cake perched atop a chocolate milkshake, cheesecake bites, crystal rock lollypops, and red hots candy. It truly was a work of edible art.

fun foods

My last fun food location is Sprinkles Cupcakes. Founded in Beverly Hills, these fantastic cupcakes are in fashion. Skyrocketing to fame with their novelty cupcake ATM, many celebrities jumped on the bandwagon to be photographed and Instagrammed with these cute cakes and so did everyone else. Although the ATM is a great gimmick, the cupcakes themselves are some of the best around.

fun foods

All locations conveniently located in Old Town Scottsdale, and for those of you doubling up as Fur-Mommas, all have a dog friendly patio except for Sprinkles. I will continue my search for fun foods to brighten your day, but if you have any suggestions or even home-made ideas, please tell us about it in the comments!


  1. What an awesome list! We tried Alien Donuts a while ago and the kids loved it! I’m gonna have to try these other places!


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