Do You Second-Hand Shop for Your Kids?

Second-hand shopping for all things kid.

second hand

Second-hand shopping is always a good idea, especially for kids clothes. Kids go through clothes so fast; whether they outgrow them, wear them out, or never even get the chance to wear them at all, it seems that moms are constantly shopping for clothes. It never ends and is definitely one of the biggest expenses of having a child. 

Most of the time (unless we’re handed-down clothes from a friend or family member), we’re buying these clothes new. And what a waste! A waste of money and valuable resources from the environment, too. The BBC reports, “The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater… and sucks up more energy than both aviation and shipping combined.” Buying second-hand can help you reduce your budget on kids clothes, while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Think about how many more clothes a child goes through than an adult in just one year. I know I have been wearing some of my favorite pieces for many years and buy only a handful of new clothes each season, while my toddler son has already been through maybe 100 or so pieces in just the last few months! 


While I have scoured second-hand shops for my own clothes for years, I was initially unaware of how easy it is to do this for kids too. And I think there are misconceptions around the quality and quantity available at these shops, as well as how long you have to spend “searching for the good stuff.” I regularly find designer labels, brand new clothing and so many things I like that I have to put pieces back before check out because I have too much! These shops save time too. Unlike standard retail stores, they stock clothes for all seasons and the inventory is so full you can usually get everything you need at once.

But, wait! The best part? These second-hand shops buy clothes from you too! You can either bring in what you already have to sell from home or when you are done with clothes you buy from the shop, you can take them back to re-sell! Thrifting really is a magical land of saving money, helping the planet and keeping your kid clothed.

Two major chains in the Phoenix area include Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid (which also has a maternity section). Visit their sites here to find one in your area now! To learn more about Kid to Kid, check out our local business spotlight



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