Confessions of a Teacher Mom

teacher mom

I have dedicated my life to educating children. I received my degree in elementary education. I taught three different grades throughout my years as a classroom teacher. Since I started student teaching, I have always had a second job tutoring countless subjects and ages. Somehow, none of this prepared me to teach MY child.   

Confession #1: My child won’t listen to me

I know all the tips and tricks for capturing and holding a student’s attention. I have been told by many that I always make learning fun! I’ll never forget that fateful day when my kindergarten daughter uttered the words, “Mom, learning with you is so boring.” In hindsight, kuddos to my five-year-old for speaking the truth about her teacher mom and opening my eyes to her truest needs. She is smart and independent…just like me. We butt heads and as much as it pains me to say, she does not always learn best from me.   

Confession #2: My child doesn’t love school

Thankfully, my experiences as a parent of a student have been filled with excellent teachers. If only the perfect teacher could make school a highlight of every child’s day.  While I loved school so much that I chose to make a career out of it, my child has other passions. She is extremely creative! She can make a full set of characters out of tape and a sheet of felt and an elaborate home for them out of a mint tin. She has been an avid roller skater, bike rider, and swimmer for years, which is saying a lot, since she just turned seven. Even though I have faithfully exposed my daughter to all kinds of educational experiences, sadly, doing homework and reading books are not her most favorite activities.

Confession #3: I hired a tutor for my child

As a long-time believer in “it takes a village,” I reached out for help. Yes, I hired a tutor.  My daughter is not struggling in school and she is not lacking in intellectual ability.  However, as a mom, I want nothing but the best for my child. I want her to be confident in her academic abilities and to succeed in the classroom environment. Guess what? She loves her tutor.  She looks forward to working on homework and reading with her tutor.  This frees me up to be the best mom I can be and is not a reflection of my teaching abilities.  

For many years, I have been guilty of thinking, “teachers have the worst kids.” I am by no means a perfect teacher or a perfect mother, but I am always learning. Just because I’m a teacher, that doesn’t mean my daughter has to be as passionate about school as I am. As a mom, it does mean that I will always do what I think is best for my daughter. If your child would benefit from the support of a teacher who is not Teacher Mom, Advantage Tutoring would love to help.  


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