Create a Fun and Safe Community of Moms


Community is a great place for women to come together to build relationships and take part in a fun activity for the kids and adults. What is a Community of Moms?  It’s knowing you are not alone in this journey of parenting, and having the ability to bounce ideas and struggles without judgment. By being around positive women, you feel a level of excitement, encouragement, acceptance, and appreciation. These women offer immeasurable guidance and support for an ever-changing world. By sharing stories and experiences, we help each other to maneuver through new challenges that provide a level of comfort and belonging.

If you are like me, 6 years ago, I did not know many moms when I first arrived in Arizona. By getting involved in moms’ groups, school activities, and kids’ recreational sports, I was able to acquire a tribe of women who have become lifelong friends.


One way to build a community of moms is to host a small simple event at the park, where the kids can enjoy playing, riding bikes/scooters, and participating in a group function. The activity could consist of decorating cookies, crafts, painting, or a treasure hunt. I hosted a park playdate last week, and we decorated Valentine’s cookies. The kids had a fantastic time, and the moms enjoyed adult conversation without being interrupted. Here are some of the cookie creations.



  1. Invite no more than six children to your gathering (Due to COVID-19).
  2. Space seating six feet apart.
  3. Masks are optional, due to being outside.
  4. The host usually purchases the items needed for the activity during the playdate (under $20). I purchased cookies at Walmart for $9.98.  I brought extra icing, paper plates, hand sanitizer, and napkins.
  5. Ask families attending to bring snacks for kiddos to share.

Go and enjoy quality time with women in your community.  Appreciate the support and celebrate being part of a tribe of women that adore each other!


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