5 Simple Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids


We know kids can be very picky when choosing what they want and don’t want to eat. That’s why I’ve compiled a few ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day snacks, and beyond. These treats will be sure to spread the love to your little ones!

Keep in mind that these can easily be swapped for things you already have in your fridge or pantry. The options are endless just use your creativity. This is also a great activity for the kids which love to help out. A great resource for finding more ideas like these is Pinterest.

  1. Berry board: This is a twist to the cheese board; add your kids’ favorite mix of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and some heart shaped pretzels, nuts and chocolates for the perfect balance.
  2. Heart shaped PB&J: Make your classic PB&J sandwich and simply cut them out using a heart shaped cookie cutter, add some Valentine’s edition goldfish or veggie chips.
  3. Watermelon heart pops: This is a healthier option. Cut out some fresh watermelon into hearts use a cookie cutter to make it easier. Once you have your heart shaped watermelon slices, you’ll want to add a popsicle stick to each slice. Optional: You can either pop them in the freezer or serve as is.
  4. Heart shaped cheese quesadilla: Make a classic cheese quesadilla add some ham for added protein, when you’re done use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut and serve.
  5. Heart sausage arrows: Cut the sausage or hot dog into a heart shape, use a toothpick to help keep the shape. Then, cut out a small triangle out of cheese and add cheese to one end of the toothpick and a heart to the other side for a heart shaped arrow.

If you try any of these Valentine’s Day snacks, don’t forget to share with us on Instagram @scottsdalemoms.


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