You Are Doing it Mama: an Open Letter to All Moms


Dear Mamas,

You have made it through one of the most difficult times in your parenting. This last year we were all thrown many curveballs. We cried. We were frustrated. BUT, we adapted. We leaned on each other for ideas to cope, learn, engage, and survive. We rose up in a community of motherhood and proved the overcoming power of the mother spirit. You are doing it!

I was with you when you were crying in the shower. I was with you when you just couldn’t do another day of virtual learning. I was with you when you couldn’t find another thing to entertain your kids. I was with you when you couldn’t even get out of your pajamas. And I was cheering you on when you sat with your babies when they were missing their friends. I was cheering you on when you made 1234 snacks a day. I was so there when you didn’t lose your mind, after enduring an aggressive amount of tantrums.

I have learned that these necessary shake-ups are a wake up. Sometimes we get complacent and live unconsciously. This last year taught me that I can overcome, endure, and be shaped in ways I never thought possible. However, that was not possible without connections to other moms and resources. The last ten months revealed that we were made for human connection. We need others. No amount of distancing or coverings can ever replace the viable truth that we survive because of each other.

I am so thankful for all of you. I am so grateful that so many held my arms up when I had no strength. I am so thankful that technology kept us connected. One mom can do so much, but a village of moms can save the world. Thank you for your honest posts, your meal ideas, and your tips and tricks to get through quarantine.

You are a fierce mother warrior. You are doing it! You are necessary in this cause EVEN ON YOUR WORST DAY! Stay in the fight with me, mamas. We are raising up world-changers! I am proud of you. 

With the MOST Respect,

Your Sister Mother Warrior


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